Hola Soy German

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Hola Soy German
Hola Soy German
Name German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis
Alias Hola Soy German
Born April 25, 1990

Santiago, Chile

Country Chile
Type Vlogger
Category Comedy
YouTube Channel HolaSoyGerman



Facebook Fan Page
Twitter GermanGermendia
Website Instagram


Years Active 2011 - present
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German Garmendia, known by his YouTube username Hola Soy German, is a Chilean vlogger, YouTube celebrity and comedian. His username is Spanish for "Hello I Am German". HolaSoyGerman is a comedic channel dedicated to a Spanish speaking audience. As of January 2013, HolaSoyGerman has over 14.8 million subscribers and over 973 million video views. It is the 3rd most subscribed channel and the most subscribed Spanish-speaking channel on YouTube



German Garmendia was born in Santiago, Chile on April 25, 1990. When German was 3 years old, his father died in a car accident. His mother took on the roles of both mother and father. His mother took him traveling everywhere. While German went through several schools and homes, he was a serious student. German received good grades and considered civil engineering as a career. He also played RPG or roleplaying games on the playstation for fun. Later German realized his love for music and started a band with his good friend. They moved to the city to try their luck.


On a boring day, German created his YouTube account, HolaSoyGerman. He uploaded a video named Las Cosas Obvias De La Vida (The Obvious Things of Life). Overtime, his comedic style has garnered a massive fan base. Some of his most popular videos are Los Hermanos (The Brothers), Las Adicciones (Addictions), Los Profesores (Teachers) and MALOS AMIGOS (Bad Friends). As of January 2014, they all have over 20 million video views.

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HolaSoyGerman is German Garmendia's main YouTube channel. It features his main series of comedic videos. As of January 2014, it has over 14.8 million subscribers and 973 million video views.


HolaSoyGerman2 is German Garmendia's second YouTube channel. It features more vlog and blooper styled videos. As of January 2014, it has over 2.4 million subscribers and 47 million video views.


JuegaGerman is German Garmendia's video game YouTube channel. It features video game commentary videos. As of January 2014, it has over 1.4 million subscribers and 13 million video views.


  • German is 1.84 meters tall.
  • He has a mother named Carmen Cecilia, a brother named Rodrigo Garmendia and deceased father named Germán Luis Garmendia (died on December 24, 1993).
  • German has 4 pets.
  • Would Like To Travel to Mexico and France.
  • He had a dream of being Frustrated Athlete.
  • German's favorite band is Green Day.
  • His favorite electronic artist is the Swedish House Mafia.
  • German's favorite singer is Chester Bennington.
  • He is pretty light.
  • German's favorite video game is Pokémon Emerald
  • He likes the show Walking Dead
  • German has been living alone since age 18. He moves frequently because it is very difficult for him to stay and live in one place for long.
  • His platonic love is Susan Coffey. According to him, the perfect woman would be a cross between Megan Fox and Susan Coffey.
  • German has arachnophobia.
  • His favorite sport is Basketball.
  • In Los Vilos, German formed a band with his brother called "Zudex".
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