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Name Ingrid Nilsen
Alias Missglamorazzi
Born Febraury 2, 1989

??? U.S.

Country United States
Type Vlogger
Category Beauty, Style
Language English
YouTube Channel missglamorazzi


Facebook Fan Page
Twitter Ingrid Nilsen
Website Instagram
Years Active 2009 - present
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Ingrid Nilsen, known by her YouTube username Missglamorazzi, is an American beauty guru, vlogger and YouTube personality. She is famous for her beauty and fashion tutorial videos. As of January 2014, Nilsen's YouTube channel, Missglamorazzi, has over 2.1 million subscribers and 147 million video views.



Ingrid Nilsen was born in U.S. on February 2, 1989. Ingrid's mom is from Thailand while her father is from Norway. Ingrid's father passed away when she was only 17 years old, at the same time her mother was battling with breast cancer. Through these terrible times in her life, Ingrid kept her head high and chose a positive path to guide herself. After she graduated high school, she attended a university to study architecture and was very quickly accepted to study abroad program in Europe.


Ingrid opened her YouTube account for missglamorazzi on November 8,2009. Her videos mainly focus on beauty, fashion and vlogging. She does a series of GIY (Glam It Yourself) videos, where she teaches her viewers how to make little crafts, fashion items, and beauty storage, as well as DIY (Do It Yourself) videos. She also has a second channel called TheGridMonster, where she posts videos of her daily life, videos that normally don't pertain to fashion or beauty.

Ingrid's first YouTube video, titled How To: Flawless Red Lips, was posted on November 7, 2009. In the video Ingrid showed the viewers how to get really red lips. Her most popular video was her NYC hotel room tour, posted on April 16, 2011. As of January 2014, it has over 3 million views.

Outside YouTube

Personal Life

Ingrid dated fellow YouTuber Luke Conard from January 2012 through June 2013. On June 3, 2013, Luke confirmed the couple's breakup on Twitter, stating they were going to remain friends.

Ingrid is currently dating Christopher Erwin, who is the Head of Vertical Operation at the YouTube network 'Big Frame'.


  • Ingrid likes panda.
  • She is bad at parallel parking.
  • She is a fan of Lauren Conrad and Kate Middleton.
  • She loves doughnuts!
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