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Name Samuel De Luque
Alias Vegetta777, VegettaGaymer
Born  ??
Country Spain
Type Vlogger
Category Gaming
Language Spanish
YouTube Channel VEGETTA777
Facebook Personal Page
Twitter Vegetta777
Website Google+


Live Stream Twitch
Years Active 2012 - present
Associates TheWillyrex
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Samuel De Luque, known by his YouTube username Vegetta777, is a Spanish video game commentator known for his Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V videos with movie-like narrative style. As of January 2013, Vegetta777 has over 3.4 million subscribers and 430 million video views.



Samuel De Luque is from Spain.


Samuel De Luque has an unique narrative style. He attempts to create histories and stories in his gameplay videos. In Samuel's own words "muy peliculero" or like a movie. He creates commentary videos on Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Gary's Mod, Saint's Row and many other games.

Vegetta often play with other popular Spanish-speaking YouTubers such as Willyrex, Alexby, Staxxcraft and Luzuvlogs.

Minecraft Series

Planeta Vegetta (Vegetta's Planet):

Planeta Vegetta is a Minecraft series featuring a lot of Mods, the construction of houses and villages, kill boss monsters, gathering resources, travel to other worlds and creating dungeons. Currently it is in the 3rd Season. It's uploaded Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Zona Minecraft (Minecraft Zone):

Zona Minecraft began as a Xbox series but was transferred to the PC in its 4th Season. While it also features the construction of structures and the gathering of resources, this series is more focused on socializing with other players and using more social Mods. It is currently in its 4th season. A new episode is release around once every 2 weeks.


This is a co-op series with another game commentator Willyrex. They created it with several Mods of the game to maximize the game's difficulty. While it is a daily series, only half of the episodes are uploaded in Vegetta's channel. New episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

V de Vegetta (V for Vegetta):

V de Vegetta is a construction series released once every month. In the first episode Vegetta showcased the house he is making. In the second episode he used subscriber comments and suggestions to make modifications to his house.

Outside YouTube


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